This film looks great. Dave Grohl is a true legend of rock. He has directed his first documentary film and judging it completely from my love for Mr Grohl and this trailer I’d say it’s going to be tremendous.

Stories like this one are inspirational. The influence from technology on the arts is in many ways beneficial but like Dave says in this trailer, we are losing that human element to creativity. For me when I listen to music, watch a film or even (in some cases) look at a piece of art. It’s the fact that I know that someone, somewhere has created this using, whether it be natural or gained talent, their own imagination and creative flare that draws me in and interests me. This issue is huge in the music industry. I’m not into dance, dubstep or anything that sounds like it was made on a computer. I like people playing instruments; I like to hear the physicality of it. A drumstick crashing against a drum or a plectrum against guitar strings. Knowing that those sounds came from a human element and were not perfected afterwards using technology makes the music I’m listening to so much more impressive for me.

I think the same way when it comes to film making. I like directors who create there scenes in front of them. Utilising great production designers and costume designers to make their scenes have a real authentic feel to them. Adding things in later using CGI just doesn’t cut it for me. I feel we get better performances from actors this way too; they can truly immerse themselves in the world around them and become the character in the scene, rather than acting to a green screen. Film makers have been making films without CGI for decades and have created masterpieces like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (which I watched AGAIN the other day and realised once more how much I love it). CGI is over used these days; it is used in hundreds of films where it is not needed. It doesn’t look real and it always takes me out of the story. Maybe one day it will look realistic but until then, for me, CGI is just not ready. Directors should recognise this. It is lazy film making to simply say “we’ll add it in later”.

I like to look at it this way.

Christopher Nolan is a film maker who creates his scenes using sets and costume.

Michael Bay is a ‘film maker’ who uses CGI.

I’ll let you decide which you prefer.