The Master

I went to see The Master last night at the Empire Newcastle and just wanted to say how awesome I thought it was. It was great to see Joaquin Phoenix in a ‘traditional’ acting role again; it’s safe to say his performance gripped the entire theatre. Both Phoenix’s character Freddie and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character Lancaster Dodd were inspiring yet greatly flawed, and it was the relationship between the two of them that drove the story forward with such a pace. Not to say the supporting roles weren’t beautifully cast also, Amy Adams in particular was fantastic. Director Paul Thomas Anderson and Cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr have a real eye for grace in their partnership and a great ambition to create fascinating cinematography. Anderson’s use of long, single take shots both heightened the drama in a number of scenes but yet again proved the casts commitment and talents. How Phoenix can hold a pose for that long without blinking is beyond me. The art direction in the film was stunning also, both costumes and set design capturing the 40s and 50s wonderfully. I definitely recommend you get down and see it immediately before it’s taken out of circulation by another million showings of Twilight.