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We’ve had a pretty awesome year with Juggernaut and are diving head first into our second year. I just wanted to thank a few people for helping us out and taking part in some of our best productions. Brett Amer and Val Hutchinson for their amazing portrayals in our short film Office WorkerBlackjack for working with us to produce a fantastic music video, they are very talented lads. Louis and Heather from Inkmash for, well everything. Carl Lister – Designer for providing us with everything we need in graphic design and especially Laura Foster and Angela Anderson from Creativitiworks for helping us out with so many things as we’ve been getting on our feet. We all appreciate everything!



About juggernautproductions

Juggernaut Productions LTD is an award winning video production company based in the North East of England. The team at Juggernaut is dedicated to producing new, innovative and unique video products in all fields. Our whose mission is to establish Juggernaut as the leading video production company in the North East. The team at Juggernaut take influence from many aspects of cinema and apply this to all of their video projects and this creates a very unique style that will make any video they produce stand out from the rest. Juggernaut is proud of the relationships it develops with its clients; it understands the importance of a very personal and intimate approach to projects. Each project needs to be unique and needs to be a correct representation of what each client desires. Juggernaut is happy to work to a full brief or to develop ideas together with clients in order to gain the best possible video product for every project.

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